Syncope is a loss of consciousness due to a drop in blood pressure. Syncope is a tough problem, yet it is a common problem.

Congenital arrhythmias are inherited heart rhythm issues from one or both parents.

The cardiac electrophysiologists at Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute offer a syncope clinic that provides a comprehensive approach and special testing of the autonomic nervous system to identify the root cause of syncope. Our comprehensive approach to the management of syncope involves an entire team of experts including neurologists and nurse practitioners to evaluate and treat syncope

  • Experts in syncope diagnosis – Our electrophysiologists are researchers and authors of numerous papers working to advance syncope diagnosis and treatment.
  • Comprehensive care – We offer care throughout the entire disease process including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management.
  • Access to new investigational treatments – Our cardiac electrophysiologists are clinical trial and EP study leaders shaping the future of syncope treatment. Talk to your electrophysiologist about available EP studies that may be right for you
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