Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute (KCHRI) offers decades of experience in all aspects of device implantation therapy. Our cardiac electrophysiologists strive to be at the cutting edge of innovation and have a proven track record in implantation and management of patients with cardiac devices.

Although cardiac device implantation is a mature technology, there are continuing advancements in the field and choosing an experienced electrophysiologist that is on the leading-edge may benefit outcomes and a person’s quality of life. We aim to take care of the entire patient and provide a positive patient experience. Cardiac rhythm devices require longitudinal care and we are able to fully care for each patient from the initial evaluation to long-term follow up.

Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute offers:

  • Extensive experience in device management: KCHRI cardiac electrophysiologists offer nearly 90 years of experience in device implantation with thousands of devices implanted. Our electrophysiologists are also proficient in lead extraction, one of the most complex procedures requiring a team of skilled experts and special equipment.
  • Leaders in cardiac device research: Our electrophysiologists are researchers and authors of numerous papers working to advance cardiac device technology.
  • Access to leading-edge technology: At KCHRI, our electrophysiologists offer access to the newest cardiac rhythm device technology and electrophysiology procedures which may improve your quality of life and chance of survival.
  • Access to new investigational treatments: The electrophysiologists at KCHRI are clinical trial and EP study leaders and are actively involved in several clinical trials and EP studies to help advance the care and improve the outcomes of patients in need of cardiac rhythm devices.

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